Sunday, August 7, 2011

Random Aside! How to not get ripped off for your old games.

Alright then, time for a non design related post I think. Today I'm going to ramble on about an alternative method of selling your old video games. Enter , a ridiculously simple to use, yet elegantly designed website that makes getting rid of your old games easier even than driving down to Gamestop (where you'll likely be paid half if not less of what you will make if you sell using Glyde). Essentially, you make an account with their site, once you've done that, you begin adding games to your "Collection" by telling the site which games you have. From there you can post games that are in your collection for sale with just a mouse click. What I loved about Glyde was that each game is treated differently, I had a fair amount of uncommon RPG's in my PS2 collection, some selling for as high as 40-50 dollars, despite being years old. Take the same game to Gamestop and you will be offered maybe 5$ for your game and they'll turn around and sell it for 10$. It should be noted that you can actually make a fair amount of money this way, go to your local gamestop and troll through their old used games bin, if you have a fair knowledge of which games are and are not uncommon you can walk out of there with 4 games and not spend more than 25$, then turn them around on Glyde separately for as much as you paid for all 4.

But I ramble. The real beauty of the Glyde system lies not in its well designed and managed web page, but in how they handle their mailing. Once your game sells on Glyde you are notified via email, then, within a few days a large envelope will arrive at your door. Inside of that envelope is another large envelope all ready to be mailed out, you simply drop the game in, seal the envelope up, and pop it in your mail box. You don't have to address anything or even lick a stamp, the mail goes out the next day, and if the person who receives the game does not report that the game is unplayable or horribly scratched, the money is deposited into your Glyde account, from where it can be deposited into a bank account or turned into a check that they will mail to the address of your choice.

Essentially its a simple to use system that lets you sell your video games from the comfort of your home with minimal effort. And you'll be making more money than you would selling the game via conventional methods. Anyway folks, thanks for reading!